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Connect for Health Colorado Certified Enrollment Center

SRDA is a certified enrollment center, as part of the Pueblo Get Covered Collaborative. Walk-ins are accepted or you can call for an appointment. This program allows us to assist all individuals and families in acquiring health insurance. We can assist with application processes for: Medicaid, financial assistance to pay for health insurance through the state based marketplace, and/or transitioning to Medicare. Assistance offered includes applying for financial assistance, selecting health insurance and educating individuals on how to utilize their health insurance to access health care. 

Our counselors assisted 206 clients through 470 contacts to educate, answer questions, apply for financial assistance and enroll in health insurance through the State Marketplace. Connect for Health Colorado® is Colorado's official health insurance marketplace, the only place for individuals, families and small employers can compare plans and apply for financial assistance to help reduce costs. 

Call our ADRC department to schedule free personalized assistance (719) 583-6611

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Medicare State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

This program offers Medicare 101 classes, as well as up-to-date, objective information and guidance for help with Medicare enrollment, Medicare benefits, Advantage Plans, Medigap policies, Part D Prescription Drug Plans, and the appeals process. 

Medicare clients contacted our office through phone and face to face meetings 2181 times during 2015 to ask for assistance. As the cost of living increases seniors struggle to pay their prescriptions, healthcare, food and energy costs, MIPPA continues to be instrumental in helping these disadvantage seniors to regain their economic footing. Specifically, this program provides a way for seniors to put upwards of $150 back into their pockets every month, increasing their quality of life. 

In 2015, we completed 87 Medicare Savings Program (pays for the part B premium) saving the client a minimum of $122 per month and 99 Low Income Subsidy (pays part d premium, deductibles and lowers the cost of prescriptions) applications saving the client and average of $300 per month. This averages to about $485,000 going back into the pockets of our Pueblo seniors every year.

Call our ADRC department to schedule free personalized assistance (719) 583-6611

SMP – Senior Medicare Patrol

Medicare fraud is a serious crime that can cost our seniors money and time to correct. We provide counseling to Medicare beneficiaries to protect themselves against being a victim of Medicare fraud or allowing their Medicare number to be used in a fraudulent manor. In 2015 we spoke to 76 clients in person about Medicare fraud and how to report errors, fraud and abuse.

Call our ADRC department at (719) 583-6611 if you suspect Medicare fraud, abuse, or billing errors.  

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